Genesis Eco Fund is committed to educating the current and next generation about the fact that an advanced civilization must stand upon a strong foundation of harmony and symbiosis, what we call Advanced Human Habitat.

It would be easy to fall into the trap of contemporary institutionalized education and simply fill minds with information about ecosystems; the model of collective harmony and symbiosis; and how AHH is the only possible model for anything resembling authentic "sustainability."

Far from just filling minds with information, Genesis is committed to providing schools with hands-on practical experience with ecosystems. Genesis encourages thoughtful, inquisitive, skeptical and most of all playful minds to engage the super-organisms and develop their own unique relationships with ecosystems. 

What can be taught can be forgotten or ignored. But what is experienced is not so easily forgotten or casually brushed aside. Even the most learned scientists and most hardened skeptics stand poised to discover a whole new dimension of reality; one that has been staring us in the face for a very long time.

Genesis is simply here to lift the veil and show humankind how it can experience a deeper, fuller experience of itself through the power of mutual harmony and symbiosis with ecosystems.

After all, separate from the environment, we are organisms...homo sapiens...simply men and women. But one with Advanced Human Habitat, in harmonious cooperation with super-organisms (ecosystems), we gain immense potential to become more...truly advanced human beings...supermen and superwomen.