Community Building

No one is an island. With its foundations in ecosystems, Genesis Eco Fund believes in community—the extension of the ecosystem into the interrelationships amongst and between people.

Building truly strong communities begins with strong foundations. Genesis believes that foundation is Advanced Human Habitat. AHH supports peaceful, conscientious, connected, balanced and self-reliant individuals, families, professionals and business owners. It follows that a community built on such foundations will breed teachers and community leaders of like ilk.

Genesis is committed to working with local governments, non-governmental organizations, not-for-profit associations, community groups, leaders and individuals at any and all levels to help them design and establish communities not only with AHH buildings, ecosystems and technology, but also on the principles of mutual harmony and symbiosis which define AHH.

Via a kind of bio-mimicry, the nature and benefits of the ecosystem can be applied to structures organizing and governing the community. The results will be far more efficient, free, and yet connected than any system ever employed by humanity.