Ecosystem Relief

Ecosystems are the heart of Advanced Human Habitat. Unfortunately, like all sophisticated technologies which support life, ecosystems and the underlying technology which supports their ability to thrive in buildings do not come cheap.

It’s a simple fact of reality: what we deem as priceless out in nature, is equally precious indoors. For some, an ecosystem may simply be beyond reach.

Genesis is dedicated to providing greater access to indoor ecosystem technology to those who may be most in need. Our Ecosystem Relief program provides funds, funding programs and partnerships to help organizations acquire ecosystems for their stakeholders.

Our Ecosystem Relief program dovetails with our R&D, Education and Community Building Initiatives, and is key to the ability to engage with special needs centres, academic institutions, health care facilities, and other third-party organizations who are willing to participate in advancing our goal to increase access to and capabilities of Advanced Human Habitat.

Contacting Genesis Eco Fund is Easy to get more information about our Ecosystem Relief Program and/or to apply on behalf of your organization.