A Vision for a Truly Sustainable Future

Sustainability is a funny word. Nothing in the world is really sustainable. Even nature knows this (just ask the dinosaurs). But nature does comprehend progress and sustainability on an entirely different level. It is through nature's lens which Genesis sees sustainability: symbiosis.

Hidden beneath today's soundbite reality driving a series of looming global crises, there exists a deeply rooted and profound opportunity for humanity and nature to serve one another in mutual symbiosis.

If it is true that human beings are a product of their environment, then there must be harmony between technology and ecology in the everyday environments of civilization. Not only where we work, rest and play; but critically: where we go to eat, be healed, learn, study and retire.

If humankind and Mother Nature could live together in harmony, environmentalism would no longer be necessary. The environment "out there" would be one with our environments "in here"...our home, our workplace, etc. Furthermore, our psychology and values would be affected positively by our indoor environments .The result? Not only would we find renewed respect for Mother Nature, we would find renewed energy, vitality, peace, health and wellness.

Living intimately, consciously and in harmony with Mother Nature, day in and day out, reaping the benefits She has to offer without having to resort to the exploitation of the past, we will rediscover "the wisdom of the elders" and all ancient cultures, without having to abandon our modern way of life. Win-Win-Win.