Genesis Eco Fund is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the human condition by advancing how human beings live, work, play, learn and heal via Advanced Human Habitat—healthy shelter which incorporates the cleanest possible air, living water and organic local food production independent of climatic impacts, providing the most ecologically symbiotic, energy efficient and truly sustainable human habitation solution.

Genesis works to promote and integrate AHH through its strategic initiatives which revolve around strengthening community, offering green educational programs, ecosystem relief, research & development, all supported through its ongoing fundraising efforts.

Rationale behind Genesis Eco Fund for Advanced Human Habitat

Not only are we all products of our environment, our quality of life as a species is directly related to our relationship to the environment. Humanity has fallen into disarray in part thanks to a legacy of primitive desires to shelter ourselves from the environment. The result are interior spaces which are literally toxic to human beings—mind, body and spirit—and a prevailing mentality of exploitation of the natural world. 

It's time for a fresh start. Enter Genesis. In the spirit of the proverbial Garden of Eden which intended to serve humanity as a sanctuary in which it could coexist in mutual harmony and symbiosis with nature, Advanced Human Habitat intends to elevate humanity from its destructive ways by serving as a platform for greater achievements and the actualization of our inherent potential.