Benefits of AHH


  • Feel and perform better in homes, condos, offices, schools, health & wellness facilities or public spaces; anywhere people work, rest or play.
  • Clean and replenish the air more naturally and healthily than HVAC systems.
  • Increase energy efficiency by allowing buildings to greatly reduce air exchange, where majority of heat/cooling losses occur.
  • Re-establish a positive symbiotic relationship with nature.

Genesis has only just begun to scratch the surface of Advanced Human Habitat. We are all on the verge of an exciting new chapter in human evolution: the realization that we are not separate from the environment, each other, or the subtle energetic forces at play in the cosmos.

Truly, there is no individual, no segment of society, no aspect of civilization which is not in a position to benefit from Advanced Human Habitat. AHH has the potential to deliver very real socioeconomic benefits, from the humblest of beginnings to a mass humanitarian scale.