AHH New Paradigm

Advanced Human Habitat:

  • vital, vibrant spaces full of energy and natural beauty. The healthiest, most inviting, productive, practical and sustainable space imaginable. 
  • integrated buildings, ecosystems and supporting technologies—embedded and modular living ecosystem wall and space units, renewable energy, sustainable eco-materials, and more—to define a better approach to human shelter: Advanced Human Habitat.
  • Not just advanced habitats for humans; AHH is habitat for advanced humans.

No matter what field we're in, we all strive it to be "in the zone" of peak performance: taking on the challenges of the world; or just lazing away an afternoon with our favorite book.  When we feel better, we perform better; increase our focus on people and tasks; gain access to exciting new insights and ideas; stay healthy longer; treat ourselves and others more kindly, and all in all, enjoy life more.

Advanced Human Habitat is built on the fundamental axiom that people are very much products of their environment; that genetics can account only for certain predispositions to tendencies, and that how we choose to live defines our quality of life. Just look at the world today and you can see the results of a civilization that chooses to live in non-habitat.

Genesis Eco Fund believes macro results begin with micro causes: promoting the healing of how human live, work, play, learn, heal, et al is essential to strong, vibrant and harmonious individuals, families, communities, societies and the planet.