About Genesis Eco Fund

Genesis Eco Fund for Advanced Human Habitat is the operating name of Genesis International Fund for Ecological Atmospheric Research, a registered not-for-profit corporation based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Genesis Eco Fund acts as the non-profit representative of PeapodLife Building EcoSystems & Technology, a Division of Wo-Built, Inc., and its Team of dedicated social entrepreneurs. The Group's social, environmental and economic mandate is to advance, promote and successfully commercialize Advanced Human Habitat.

As the lead not-for-profit vehicle behind this Social Enterprise, Genesis Eco Fund engages in strategic philanthropic initiatives (fundraising, research & development, ecosystem relief, education and community building) to further humanity’s capability, accessibility, awareness and collective benefit from Advanced Human Habitat.

Genesis devotes 100% of its time and efforts on enhancing, advancing and integrating the Social, Environmental and Economic (SEE) benefits of Advanced Human Habitat (AHH).

Genesis works with its Private-Sector Partner and Benefactor PeapodLife Building EcoSystems & Technology (BEST) to assist with the commercialization and integration in the private sector.

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- The Genesis Team